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Lolita Blog Carnival: Disney Coordinates

Lolita Blog Carnival is a group of online lolitas who get together and decide on a different topic to blog about each week. Then on Fridays we each post on our separate blogs and link to everyone else's posts about the same topic. I think it's neat because you get to know the different points of view and ideas of everyone in the group. So if you're a lolita with a blog, and you would like to get more ideas on what to write about, go join Lolita Blog Carnival Facebook!

I've really been wanting to participate in the weekly themes lately, but I've been too busy these past weeks. This week's theme was "Disney coordinates" and although I didn't have time to create a coordinate especially for this occasion, I remembered I had put together a casual Minnie Mouse-inspired coordinate on Polyvore not too long ago. So since it fits the theme, here it is!
I wish I had had time to put together a few more. I love to create character-themed coordinates. I'm not really a fan of wearing them myself, although I will wear them casually sometimes.

Here's some more Disney coordinates. Check them out!
~ Lolita Glamour
~ A Heart's Sound
~ Simple As Vanilla Ice Cream
~ Northern Star
~ Alice In Lolita Land
~ McDuff's Auditorium
~ Whimsical Adventures Of Me
~ A Sweet Lolita's Disney Life
~Spoon and Fork

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