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Lolita Blog Carnival: What's Next On Your Lolita Wish List?

Lolita Blog Carnival is a group of online lolitas who get together and decide on a different topic to blog about each week. Then on Fridays we each post on our separate blogs and link to everyone else's posts about the same topic. I think it's neat because you get to know the different points of view and ideas of everyone in the group. So if you're a lolita with a blog, and you would like to get more ideas on what to write about, go join Lolita Blog Carnival on Facebook!

Well, I've been a bit busy, so I haven't had time to keep up with the lolita blog carnival lately. My latest class just ended yesterday and I can finally get some down time from nursing school since I only have to go to clinical rotations twice a week for the remainder of the month or so.

There's so many lolita pieces that I've been wanting to make lately, but haven't had the time for. So I feel like they are part of a sort of "lolita wish list" of mine although they are not actual brand pieces.

Here they are in no particular order...
1. A piano JSK

2. A cheetah print JSK

3. A sailor- fuku inspired OP
still figuring out a design for it. I don't want it to look too much like just a sailor costume. Maybe something like these from Angelic pretty:

4. A red and black tartan JSK
I want to base it on this JSK from Angelic Pretty

but I'm still thinking about it because it is quite sweet-looking. Maybe I would get more use out of something more basic such as this:

5. And most importantly, my favorite white JSK is no more. It got a blue pen stain on the bodice area. :( It was the first JSK I ever made and it was made out of a very thin fabric, so I feel like it needed a replacement anyways. The skirt area is still intact so I'll be turning it into a white skirt that I am in dire need of. As for a white JSK, I want to make a new one inspired by those by Baby The Stars Shine Bright. I think there's an old-school vibe to Baby's designs and that makes them more versatile, which is what I look for the most when designing and making lolita clothes.

As for something in my wish list that I can't make myself: Gothic Lolita Wigs' curly bob!

I've always wanted this wig, but every time I go to buy it, it's sold out. I wanted the black one at first because it reminds me so much of Snow White, but lately I've been thinking a lot about how much use I could get out of the brown one (since my own hair is brown). Unfortunately the brown one is sold out. The black one is in stock, but I don't want to buy it on impulse and then regret it if they restock the brown one.

That's it for the most part. There's a lot more things I want in my lolita closet, but they're not at the top. Definitely want a strawberry-shaped bag, something with a galaxy print of sorts, and maybe I'll try my hand at making myself a Cats Tea Party replica. It's my favorite print ever! Spoonflower is so expensive, tho...

See what's at the top of other lolitas' wish lists!

~ Northern Star
~ Lolita Glamour
~ Toothless Tigers

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